Convenience store, Taiwan

AVer offers efficient surveillance, delivering high quality images and lower security costs

The advantages of connecting both analog cameras and IP cameras (network cameras) have best demonstrated in the recent convenience store case for AVerMedia. The one of the largest franchised convenience store in Taiwan installed analog CCTV system about couple years ago. Tired of having to deal with unreliable picture quality that had been unable to provide solid evidence when disputes between cashier and customer arise during the transactions and clear identification of suspect’s facial features and license plate, the store owner began to search for alternative.

The store owner replaced the existing traditional analog DVR and two out of seven analog cameras to AVerMedia AVerDiGi EH1008H-4 Nano embedded hybrid DVR and IP cameras (network cameras) - SF1311H-D and SF1311H-B. The IP cameras (network cameras) provide megapixel images and wider camera field of view that was unable to deliver by analog at critical areas. The hybrid DVR was also installed to receive mix camera signals from the two AVerDiGi IP cameras (network cameras) and other five analogs throughout the store without major cable remodeling.

The 8CH EH1008H-4 Nano hybrid DVR is about 1/3 in size compare with the analog DVR, and features aerodynamic fan-less system that significantly reduced the mechanic noise in the office. The indoor AVerDiGi SF1311H-D IP camera (network camera) was installed above the cashier counter to monitor transactions and prevent retail shrinkage. Meanwhile, the outdoor IP camera (network camera), SF1311H-B, was installed at the front gate to capture images of suspect and license plate. Predictably, the compatibility between the AVerMedia hybrid DVR and IP cameras (network cameras) has been able to deliver the best result of high quality images that is the foremost concern to the customer.

“I am glad that the customer realized the advantages of the hybrid system. The successes of this project were depended on the satisfaction of image quality from AVerDiGi IP cameras and reduce cabling and maintenance costs in the near future. Aside from the simple cameras and DVR upgrade, the customer also realized the advantages of POS with surveillance system and decided to connect the cash register and EH Nano through AVerDiGi Data Box.”
said Willson Wang, the Account Manager of Taiwan.

Through the connected AVerDiGi POS Data Box to the cash register and printer, the EH1008H-4 Nano is able to receive live transaction information in recorded text which can be used to cross check with the high quality images delivered from SF1311H-D above the cashier counter. The AVerDiGi iPOS software also has features such as Text Overlay, Map to Channel, Abnormal Transaction Alarm, Quick Search, and Transaction Database.

“I am very impressed with the overall installation. The installation process went smoothly without interrupting my regular business and the compact size EH Nano DVR saves me a lot of space and noise in the office at basement. I had thought to upgrade the image quality at critical areas in my store and AVerMedia IP cameras and DVR have just fulfilled my needs. I was daunted by the price of hybrid DVR and IP cameras, but now I am sure that the system will pay for itself within a year.”
comment Jason Lee, the store owner.