Al Muatassem School, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Capturing it all with the AVerVision CP300

Al Muatassem School in Bani Yas is a government-run boy’s preparatory school and a part of the Private Public Partnership (PPP) program in Abu Dhabi. Al Muatassem School’s leadership team, with the assistance of Cognition Education, is working hard to improve the level of student achievement, the school’s learning environment, and the communication between people in the school’s community; of course, the development of information, communication and technology (ICT) is an important aspect of this improvement effort.

The AVerVision CP300 makes sharing simple

The school received its first visualizer (document camera), an AVerVision CP300, in early 2010. Teachers and students alike consider the AVerVision CP300 to be a wonderful addition to the classroom. Students can easily share and critically analyze each other’s work, clearly display class readings, and zoom in on almost any item of interest. For Al Muatassem School, the ability to share so many different items (e.g., photographs, books, papers, projects, etc.) clearly, quickly and simply was the AVerVision CP300’s most beneficial feature. The teachers were able to adapt their lesson plans to take advantage of the capabilities of the AVerVision CP300 without the hassle or added time commonly associated with integrating technological tools into existing lessons. The teachers were thrilled with the AVerVision CP300’s ability to save and recall images to a computer using its accompanying software. Thanks to this feature, the teachers could now easily share limited resources, such as rare books, by using the CP300 to capture a digital image of the desired pages. The ability to capture, save and recall images also made it quite easy for teachers to compare students’ projects, as teachers only needed to cycle through saved images to find the desired content. 

The AVerVision CP300 is an excellent teaching and learning tool. It can be used with the whole class or in small groups. It can be used to share resources saved on the computer and resources can be saved to the computer. It is portable and able to be used in different working environments, like the library, science lab, and classroom.”
- Mr. Fraser, Lead Adviser for Cognition Education at Al Muatassem School

Looking to the future

The school says the visualizer (document camera) will be operated in the library, giving students and teachers free access to it whenever they want. They hope that ultimately students will be using them to present work in individual classrooms. In addition to clearly displaying text and images from books and sharing students work in class, the teachers were excited about the AVerVision CP300’s potential applications in science class, particularly using it in a lab setting with microscopes. In all, the school believes that visualizers (document cameras) have the potential to revolutionize teaching and learning, turning classrooms into stimulating, worldly centers of learning.

AVer would like to thank Al Muatassem Preparatory School and ALMOE Digital Solutions L.L.C for providing this case study.