Cadware, France

AVer HVC series & VCBridge turn video conferencing skeptics into true believers

French product development specialists Cadware develop a new found appreciation for video conferencing thanks to AVer’s “All-in-One” HVC series video conferencing systems and VCBridge.


In late 2012, Cadware, a leading French 3D CAD and product lifecycle management solutions firm, was in search of a way to streamline communications between its 11 offices across France. Conference calls were becoming less and less effective as many employees, particularly those working from home, simply could not remain focused throughout the hour-long phone calls. Traveling between offices is costly and time-consuming, so holding regular interoffice meetings in person was not seen as a viable solution either. Cadware had looked into video conferencing solutions in the past, but could not find one that offered the return on investment (ROI) it sought.

Everything changed when Cadware was introduced to AVer’s “All-in-One” video conferencing solutions. What once was written off as a waste of money quickly became the smartest investment the company could make. Cadware was impressed by the high performance and low cost of the AVer HVC330 and HVC130 HD video conferencing systems. These “All-in-One” systems came with everything Cadware needed to begin video conferencing – HD codec, PTZ camera, microphone(s), content sharing – plus some added bonuses – 4-site multipoint connection, one-touch recording, 3-year standard warranty – all for one low, up-front price. But it was VCBridge, AVer’s exclusive VC-Skype™ integration tool, which truly sealed the deal. When the team at Cadware heard they could bring up to 8 Skype™ users into any multipoint video conference with the AVer VCBridge and HVC330 video conferencing system, they knew they had found the remedy to their communications headache.

Cadware purchased two HVC330 multipoint video conferencing systems along with two AVer VCBridge protocol bridges for use in their headquarters in Palaiseau and their branch office in Lyon. Two HVC130 video conferencing systems were setup in their Champs sur Marne and Aix-en-Provence branch offices for use as one-to-one endpoints. Cadware had the systems installed and were making calls in less than half a day’s time, commenting that it was so simple and so intuitive to operate that there was no need to refer to the user manual.


The AVer HVC series video conferencing systems and VCBridge have become an indispensible component of Cadware’s communications scheme, with staff using them daily. Internal operations have taken on a new level of efficiency: technical support staff conference twice a week, management holds biweekly meetings and marketing employees confer on a regular basis. Skype™ integration via VCBridge has worked out better for Cadware than originally imagined with at least one Skype™ user participating in approximately half of all video conferences. Smaller offices without video conferencing systems and employees on the road can easily call in and actively participate in meetings by using Skype™ on a laptop, tablet or mobile.

Mr. Sébastien Desbois, Director of Customer Service and Quality for Cadware, had the following to say about his experience with the AVer HVC series video conferencing systems and AVer VCBridge:

“We had never used videoconferencing before using AVer systems. We thought it was a poor investment with little benefit. Now, after several months of utilization, we just can’t do without it. Video conferences with people at far sites are of high quality, and it is comfortable communicating with them. This system allows us to avoid traveling between locations, so we are able to save a lot of money by eliminating these expenses. We have very easily succeeded in lowering our operational costs and in enhancing our operational efficiency.”

Cadware employees often take advantage of the video conferencing systems’ content sharing feature to present and discuss things from Excel® spreadsheets to computer programming. Since implementing the AVer video conferencing systems, Cadware has stopped using WebEx for remote content sharing and rarely makes conference calls via telephone. When asked if he would recommend AVer’s video conferencing solutions to friends and colleagues, Mr. Sébastien Desbois responded unequivocally, “Yes!”

Organization profile

Since 1990, Cadware has held a leading position in the 3D CAD solutions and product lifecycle management markets for European SMBs and SMIs. Cadware is one of the leading resellers of Dassault Systems SolidWorks and among the top ten CAD-PLM integrators throughout France.

AVer would like to thank AVer France and Cadware for their pivotal roles in creating this case study.