Land & Housing Corporation (LH), Korea

AVer’s Video Conferencing Solutions Provide Effective and Efficient Communications for Korea Land & Housing Corporation


Korea Land & Housing Corporation (LH) is a government-owned corporation in Korea; employing over 6,000 people and having capital of 30 trillion South Korean Won. LH was founded on the vision of providing affordable and quality public housing to low and middle income Koreans, developing new cities, building Sejong City and other Innovation cities, and creating industrial complexes. As such, reliable and accurate communications are important to meet the high standards set and that is why LH has chosen to use AVer’s Video Conferencing Solutions for its communication needs.

Wavus is LH’s network maintenance and repair company charged with performing maintenance work and repair services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for LH’s offices. Due to the importance of Wavus’ maintenance work, LH not only has routine meetings on Monday at HQ but also needs instantaneous communications with the branch offices for urgent situations and the ability to take immediate action. Branches are located in remote areas, and between the offices there is a distance of more than 300km. In order to accommodate these needs Wavus set up a private VPN network between the HQ and branch offices.

Wavus introduced AVer’s videoconferencing system to LH with the EVC300 and EVC130P systems. These products made videoconferencing between headquarters and the branch offices possible, which led to a large reduction in time lost, money spent, and the elimination of long distance managerial travel for weekly Monday meetings. AVer’s Content Sharing functions helpfully made information available to all members of a communique and removed the number of hands a message or data must pass through. Everyone in LH now share information accurately and have greatly improved work efficiency for their projects.

The LH headquarters and Bundang branch utilize AVer’s EVC300, which enables multi-way video conferencing and has been configured to enable mutual backups. Recently, the Pyeongchon branch, which has expanded, installed the EVC130P that integrates with the EVC300 as a single system, providing LH with economical and efficient communications.

AVer’s Video Conferencing Solutions Provide Effective and Efficient Communications for Korea Land & Housing Corporation

** AVer would like to thank LH and Wavus for their valuable assistance in creating this case study.