Ren Ai and Da Wu Junior High schools, Taiwan

AVer CC30 Connects Ren Ai and Da Wu Junior High schools to Embody the Spirit of “Learning Together”

“Students from 2 schools are able to enjoy my lectures together via video conferencing, thanks to this cutting-edge educational technology.”
- teacher Hong, Ren Ai Junior High School


Ren Ai Junior High School (Ren Ai) is located in one of the most prosperous areas in central of Taipei City, and needless to mention its convenient transportation. She takes part in “Mobile Learning Project” of Ministry of Education, and wins with merit in the past four years. On the contrary, Da Wu Junior High School (Da Wu) is at the southernmost and easternmost corner of this island, Taitung County, and most students take long time to go to school every day. This year, the two schools are assigned as sister schools of “Mobile Learning Project” by the Ministry of Education for the purpose of break the boundary and balance the gap of urban and rural students.

New Technology Inspires and Brings together the Students

Ren Ai’s Teacher Hong, an expert of using tablets into teaching was invited to Da Wu to demonstrate an attractive and impressive Science lecture in this September. This was the first time students in Da Wu see the magic of tablet teaching then asked if they have chances to take more courses. Therefore, in this month, the two sister schools decided to take a distance learning course.

There are 2 CC30 set up in front of students of Ren Ai in Taipei and Da Wu in Taitung, using video conferencing software to communicate with each other. The high resolution, super wide angle camera and sensitive microphone allow the students just like in the same place to talk to each other. Moreover, students can also show the content of tablets under AVer visualizer to project it on the screen to share their ideas. Last, accompany with CaptureShare , the courses were broadcasting to those who cannot physically attend this course, e.g. students, parents, and teachers.

Teacher Hong says, “My energy comes from the smile of students who are eager to learn things, always and ever.”

AVer would like to thank for Ren Ai Junior High School and Da Wu Junior High School for their valuable assistance in creating this case study.

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