Woodstock School, India (I)

Easily switching between live images and a PC makes geography class run smoother

Woodstock School in the Indian Himalayas is one of the most highly esteemed Christian international schools in South Asia. Established in 1854, Woodstock aims to develop responsible global citizens and leaders by providing a world-class international education, rooted in Christian heritage and values, for a diverse group of students, especially those from families in Christian or public services. It provides K-12 instruction, with a residence program starting later in the elementary school. Classes follow up through the twelfth grade. Its alumni are active in almost every part of the globe and continue to support the development of this exciting and effective center of learning.

”SPC300 helps a teacher already busy with lesson planning, classroom management, and presentation timing.”
- Mr. Jeffrey Thomas, Geography Teacher, Woodstock School

Mr. Thomas said, “The design of the SPC300 makes it very easy to switch between the visualizer (document camera) and a webpage display. I displayed the webpage and Google Earth while preparing a document, then switched to the document display at just the right moment. Previously, I would have had to convert the document into a .jpg file and then find it in my Windows® folder. With the visualizer (document camera) available, I can now display images from the textbook and map-book on the fly, depending on the direction of the class discussion. It also gives me an alternative image to display while waiting for Google Earth or other Internet pages to refresh (our Internet connection is slow), and yet I can keep an eye on both the camera and computer display sources.”