Why AVerVision visualizers?

Value. That’s why. With an AVerVision visualizer (document camera), you get a well-designed digital presentation tool that is easy-to-use and provides superior image quality. It doesn’t end there. We also provide you with great customer service to make sure you are happy with your AVerVision visualizer (document camera) at all times. Our visualizers (document cameras) also come with innovative software that brings you endless presentation possibilities. The best part is that all of this comes in an affordable package. Now that’s value!


Easy-to-use design

All AVer products are engineered with a ‘one-step operation’ concept in mind. An intuitive user interface and clearly labeled touch-button controls makes users say, “Wow! This just works.” Direct video/audio recording, auto focus, auto image, image capturing, PC/camera mode switch and much more are all accessible with a simple click of a button.


Revolutionary technology

AVer is on the cutting-edge of visualizer (document camera) technology, blazing new frontiers that often leave its competitors in the dust. With amazing industry firsts for portable visualizers (document cameras), like onboard annotation, 5-megapixel camera sensors and one-touch recording to a USB flash drive or SDHC card, it’s hard to imagine what great advancement AVer has in store right around the corner.


Unmatched customer service

AVer has dedicated itself to providing unsurpassed pre-sale and post-sale customer service. By offering programs such as an extended 5-year warranty and the 1-year free inclusion of the AVer CPR product replacement program for select visualizers (document cameras), AVer programs are designed to protect your investment over the long term. Further more, the combination of local and live technical support with a fully knowledgeable and responsive sales department ensures any issues that may arise will be resolved quickly and efficiently.


Want to learn more about the unique benefits of an AVerVision visualizer (document camera)? 
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“Seeing is believing!” No need to waste valuable time passing around the study aids or the latest invention causing distractions while you are trying to focus everyone on your presentation. Whether in the classroom, boardroom or courtroom, today’s presentations require far more functionality and clarity than can be accomplished with a PC. Through AVer’s innovative visualizers (document cameras), visual communication and interaction between the presenter and audience have never been more engrossing.


Got a revolutionary product to show off or a prototype fresh from the R&D lab? Easily communicate and clearly demonstrate your prized position to all of your coworkers or employees with an AVerVision visualizer (document camera). Better yet, use an AVerVision visualizer (document camera) with an AVer HD video conferencing system for professional remote presentations.

Retail store

Move the latest piece of high-tech gadgetry or precious jewelry from behind the counter and display it using an AVerVision visualizer (document camera). Now customers can view product demonstrations on a large display while experts exhibit key features, benefits and killer applications, or appreciate the aesthetic value of that precious jewelry.


Time spent in seminars shouldn’t be wasted on passing around study aids. With an AVerVision visualizer (document camera), you can easily incorporate close-up images of reports and study aids into your PowerPoint slideshow, while making useful notes with the embedded annotation tools, getting right to the point without any interruptions.


Have the student come up to the front of the class and show his/her work to everyone with an AVerVision visualizer (document camera) or pass a wireless AVerVision visualizer (document camera) to the student to enhance the collaborative learning experience. No more pushing and shoving to get the best spot, as all students have a perfect view of the object from their own seats.


Keep a close look on your project or microscopic slide by attaching a microscope right to your AVerVision visualizer (document camera) and engaging the continuous capture or recording features available on many AVerVision visualizer (document camera) models as well as the accompanying software.


With an AVerVision visualizer (document camera) your doctor can show you a real-time image of exactly what he sees on your body, whether it’s on the back of your head or the soles of your feet. With a light box, available standard with certain visualizers (document cameras) and as an optional accessory for others, doctors can quickly and easily display X-rays and film slides.


If the jury can’t see the evidence clearly, how are they supposed to make a decision? Don’t leave the jury in the dark. Show them all the evidence clearly with an AVerVision visualizer (document camera), using the annotation tools to highlight key points and giving them a complete picture in no time.