Interactive Flat Panel & Control Box

The AVer Interactive Control Box is an adaptable and integrable system with embedded Android™ OS. It enables interactive learning by connecting student and teacher devices. By syncing to classroom technology wirelessly or through a port, the box extends the life of equipment in classrooms, saving schools considerable replacement costs. Teachers can reduce time spent on connecting devices by downloading educational apps and other content directly onto the control box to share with students, and seamlessly switch between the control box and a PC or laptop.

The AVer Interactive Flat Panel (IFP) is the future of classroom displays, designed especially to inspire future generations. Not only does the IFPs empower teachers, it also inspires students to learn more, share their knowledge, and interact with others. With simple plug and play functionality you can easily plug in devices and integrate AVer visualizers/document cameras to deliver the most powerful teaching performance possible.

Software Add-ons

Through the Oktopus software, teachers are able to easily create lesson plans integrating different classroom technology. The AVer CP series are the first and only interactive flat panels to provide seamless AVer document camera integration wirelessly!


Oktopus is a powerful interactive software designed especially for being used together with AVer CP Series IFPs (Interactive Flat Panels). It not only provides students with creative, collaborative, and attractive learning experiences, but also is able to simultaneously show contents on students’ devices to let them more involve in learning. Learning tools such as taking notes, answering questions, and sharing annotations make teaching and learning more interactive and interesting.

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