Perfect Size

The C20i’s 20-bay capacity is perfect for small to medium-sized classes, especially in K-12 schools. With the C20i, student devices will be ready for use at a moment’s notice.

Compact & Solid Design

The C20i’s compact design reduces its footprint and frees up space in the classroom. It also boasts a sturdy steel exterior that will deter even the most determined thieves.


Full-Time Charging

AVer’s advanced intelligent charging technology features 2-zone circuit protection, ensuring all devices are charged evenly and safely.

Customizable Shelves

Versatile dividers allow you to manage devices more easily than ever before. Freely adjust them according to your class’s various tablet and laptop sizes.


No More Messy Cables

No need to worry about tangles of cables in the back of the cart. Simply clip each cord in place for simple cable management.




  • Cabinet Dimension (cm)
    • 68.7 x 63.8 x 107 cm
  • Device Capacity
    • 20
    Charging Type
    • A/C
  • Support Devices
    • Laptops / Chromebooks / tablets up to 16"
    Slot dimensions (W x H x D)
    • 36.15 x 33 x 41.9 cm
      • Storage/charging capacity
        • Up to 20 iPads, tablets, Chromebooks and/or laptops up to 16"
      • LED status indicators
        • Solid blue: Charging
      • Lockable doors
        • Yes, front door with three-point lock
      • Storage shelves
        • Three 10-bay drawers
      • Sliding shelves
        • Yes
      • Cable management
        • Individual AC adapter storage compartments & repositionable cable clips
      • Wall mount hook
        • Yes
      • Swivel casters
        • Yes, four 5" medical-grade casters (2 lockable)
      • Intelligent charging system
        • Yes
      • Sync function
        • No
      • Auxiliary power outlet
        • Yes, 2 country-specific AC courtesy outlets
        • Two different power specification provided by region:
          • AC 220V~240V, 50/60Hz, 2A
          • AC 100V~120V, 50/60Hz, 4A
      • Power system
        • Two different power specification provided by region:
          • AC 220V~240V, 50/60Hz; input: 8A, output: 6A
          • AC 100V~120V, 50/60Hz; input: 12A, output: 8A
      • Slot dimensions (W x H x D)
        • W = 3.615cm (1.423")
        • H = 33cm (13")
        • D = 41.9cm (16.5")
      • Cart dimensions (W x H x D)
        • W = 68.8cm (27.09")
        • H = 106cm (41.73")
        • D = 63.7cm (25.08")
      • Net / Gross weight
        • 65.6kg (145lbs) / 88kg (194lbs)
      • Warranty
        • 10-year limited warranty for cart and tray
        • 5-year limited warranty for electrical parts

      * For detailed warranty information, please visit the warranty & repair page .
      ** Please contact your dealer/distributor for the local warranty period.
      *** Specifications may vary depending on location and are subject to change without notice.