Advanced Sensors
Advanced Sensors
Multiple Inputs
Multiple Inputs
Ergonomic Design
Ergonomic Design
Visualizer Integration
Visualizer Integration
Excellent Software
Excellent Software

Key Features

  • Employs proprietary 2.4GHz RF wireless and optical lens technologies ; no wireless network or bluetooth receiver is required
  • Write on any opaque surface up to 15m from the AP20’s USB dongle (RF receiver) and watch in amazement as your annotations appear live onscreen
  • No need to hassle with time-consuming and frustrating calibration
  • Divide the screen into 2-6 frames so students can work in different areas simultaneously
  • Annotate directly on online material or computer files and integrate it all into your lesson instantly with the A+ Interactive Software 2’s transparency mode feature
  • No installation costs and very low maintenance costs mean you’ll have plenty of room in your budget for other technologies or projects


  • Teacher Pen: blue & gray
  • Student Pen: orange & white
  • Every AP20 interactive pen employs a dedicated 2.4GHz RF wireless connection to the computer through a USB dongle.
  • Dongle bandwidth: up to 41 pens (1 Teacher Pen and 40 Student Pens)
  • Reception range: 15 m
  • Imaging technology: proprietary optical sensor
  • Navigation technology : AVer proprietary v2
  • Power switch: yes
  • Power source: Teacher Pen uses rechargeable AAA battery x 1 ; Student Pen uses Alkaline AAA battery x 1
  • Battery time: Teacher Pen can sustain 8 days of typical daily usage per charge (it takes 4 hours to be fully charged) ; Student Pen can sustain 30 days of typical daily usage
  • Charging options: micro USB port to computer (Teacher Pen only)
  • Dimensions (W x L x D): 22 x 151 x 25 mm
  • Net weight: 45g
  • Software: A+ Interactive Software 2 (backward compatible with A+ Interactive Software 1.7)
  • Certifications FCC and IEC (USA), CE and IEC (EU), BSMI and NCC (TW)
  • Specifications may vary depending on countries and are subject to change without notice