USB Connectivity Rocks!

Are you ready to experience plug-and-play video streaming? New USB connectivity for the PTC115+ allows you to shift from audience mode to presenter mode during a video conferencing session. Also, unparalleled UVC and UAC protocols make these cameras compatible with popular streaming and broadcasting software so you can go live anytime. (Download AVer’s CaptureShare !)

Up to 22X Optical Zoom

Featuring a PTZ camera with a 22X optical zoom, the PTC115+ sports a 350° pan and 120° tilt radius that are ideal for classrooms or meeting spaces. Precisely track the moving presenter and distinctly display important details with full HD 1080p 60fps video and a powerful remote autofocus function. Capture the full classroom experience with the most realistic and dynamic image quality.


No Extra Devices Needed

Exclusive algorithms enable the PTC115+ to automatically track a presenter’s face and movements. Speakers are free to walk around the classroom without wearing any accessories to give guidance and solve problems for students, ensuring a quality education. Without need to worry about the connection restrictions, charging security, or added expense of a wearable device, you can focus on easily building zero-distance interactive teaching.

Dual Lens Design

The dual lens design integrates a PTZ camera with a super-wide 120° FOV secondary camera to track the speaker and capture a panoramic view of the classroom at the same time. Also, enable and adjust PIP mode while capturing to simultaneously view the speaker and the rest of the classroom. Clearly present every detail, and never miss a teachable moment.


Multi-Presenter Detection

Multi-Presenter Detection accurately tracks when there are two or more people in the effective area. This feature allows teachers to conduct group discussions, quiz contests, interactive games, and more. Use one camera to capture every detail of every learning situation.

*Multi-Presenter Detection only works in Wide Area Tracking and Stage Tracking modes.


Wide Area Tracking

With advanced targeting algorithms, the PTC115+’s Wide Area Tracking enables to track your target everywhere. The PTC115+ provides extremely high accuracy tracking that is widely recognized as a performance leader in the auto tracking market. With fluid and accurate tracking your target has the freedom to leave the stage to interact with crowds or students all while being continuously captured, even if obscured by people or objects. The PTC115+ lets you master your recording and capture every brilliant moment.


Stage Tracking

Get high-quality, hands-free video streaming and recording with Stage Tracking. Fluidly track your target with Effective Zone settings allowing for up to 8 blocking zones to capture strategic, professional-looking video.

Segment Tracking

Segment Tracking enhances your ability to capture content on multiple displays. Create up to 4 Content Zones to perfectly capture the content on display rather than the presenter.



Model PTC115+ PTC115
Output Resolutions Full HD 1080p Full HD 1080p
Effective Picture Elements 2 MP 2 MP
Optical Zoom 22X 15X
Dual Lens yes yes
3G-SDI Port x 1 x 2
HDMI Port x 1 x 1
RJ45 Port x 1 x 1
USB Port x 1 no
PoE+ yes no
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