Warranty & Repair

Warranty terms and conditions (general)

In order to enhance our RMA service, AVer provides a warranty period for
presentation, communication, and surveillance products as follows:

Warranty Period
Category Product Name Warranty Period
CAM series CAM130 3 Years (Not Support 3+2 program)



  • The warranty period does not apply to accessories.
  • Please contact your dealer/distributor for the local warranty period.
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty is adopted for the battery, power adaptor, remote control, cables, light module, light box, and lamps.
  • The warranty will become invalid if any of the original parts are replaced. If a problem arises with your product, please send it back and have it fixed with all the original parts.
RMA charge Item while out of warranty
In case the returned product is out of warranty, AVer information Inc. will charge related repairing fee which contains labor fee, material cost, inspection fee and freight fee. AVer information Inc. will provide quotation form to the customer according to actual cost.
Important Notice
1 If the product fails under normal usage conditions during the warranty period, AVer Information Inc. shall repair or replace the product without change. According to this Limited Warranty, AVer Information Inc. reserves the right to (i) repair the product using existing parts or (ii) replace the product with the same product or one with equal value. In the event of a defect, these are your exclusive remedies. Whereas, if the returned product is not covered by warranty conditions, the customer shall pay for repair or replacement charges. Shipping costs of the returned product shall be covered by the customer and shipping costs of returning the repaired product shall be covered by AVer Information Inc. with the warranty period.
2 The customer shall notify AVer Information Inc. of the quality and serial number that comes with each unit per assigned RMA number. AVer Information Inc. will estimate the cost of repair if the product is out if warranty at the same time.
3 The above charges are applicable to all malfunctions caused by abnormal use within the warranty period and malfunctions caused outside the warranty period.
4 The "inspection fee" will be applicable to No Trouble Found (NTF) or the customer decides not to repair the returned product which fulfills the condition mentioned in item 3 in the notice.
5 All charges listed are for reference only. AVer Information Inc. will issue a more accurate quote upon inspection of returned items. The quotation will be sent to customers in a RMA form via email. All repair work will only be done after the customer's confirmation.
6 Customers must cover the delivery cost of returning the malfunction products and the delivery cost of returning the repaired products is covered by AVer Information Inc. during the warranty. Whereas all delivery costs of returning the products for repair are to be covered by the customer if not covered by the warranty.

Warranty Status Check

Warranty End Date Result Product Name Serial Number